Thailand during Corona/Covid-19...

Koh Chang stopped farrangs to enter the ferry and there where no one on the island with symptoms during the lock down. The problem when stores and restaurants were closing - people start to starve... A few restaurants gave away food to asian people that had nothing to eat. My favorite pizzeria gave away pizza and pasta on sundays;
The roads had controlstations that checked U if U wear a mask and if U had fever. NO ONE could pass them;
There R less vehicles on all the streets since the lock down;
When even thecommercials wearing a mask - then it´s getting real;
ALL the malls and stores were closed;
I never thought I would experience a closed MBK;
Here I was thinking he was immortal?
They were showing videos of a scary "virus" to make this real;
During lock down when all restaurants were closed, it was streetfood that applies; 

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